Dos And Don’ts Of The Bachelorette Bashes

Are you throwing bachelorette for the bride-to-be? Then read on to find out what exactly you should avoid, and what you should do:

• Do plan, plan, plan – planning is the key to a successful night out for the bride and her friends! There is never enough planning for any event, and a bachelorette party is no exception. Make sure to thoroughly plan out the itinerary and have accommodations, tickets and reservations ready well in advance to cut down costs. Also remember to invite not too few and not too many guests for the event – the right amount (which can vary from bride to bride) has to include her circle of closest friends. You will also need to make invitation cards for the party; it is a good idea to include a general description and itinerary so that the other girls will know what is going on at the trip.

• Do make it a surprise – among hens night ideas the best one is no doubt to make it an entire surprise for the bride. Have her pack a bag with enough clothes and toiletries and simply get onto the car with no knowledge whatsoever of what is awaiting her! Amongst all the tiring planning for the wedding and the checking of clothes, themes, food, etc. having something that she does not have to worry about will definitely be a source of relaxation for the bride.

• Do be creative – creativity is another point that you should always capitalize on. If you are in general quite aware of the bride’s tastes, make sure to utilize that knowledge to the fullest and plan something that is in line with her personality and preferences.

• Do keep a handle on the bride – just as bucks night ideas Melbourne make it easy for men to go off the handle and veer into potentially dangerous activities – for both their health and future marriage – bachelorette parties can do just the same for the girls. Have the most mature person in the group act as a voice of reason in the group and keep the bride from anything that could potentially cause problems.

• Don’t create drama – make sure to never forget the bride’s wishes, especially when you are planning on throwing her a surprise party. You want her to remember the bachelorette party as a memorable and loving night of her unmarried days – not as an unpleasant nightmare she wishes to forget. Make sure to avoid conflict, especially with the bride, by creating disagreements and petty arguments.

• Don’t over-pack the schedule – girls often tend to get too far ahead in their party and travel plans, to the point where they over-pack their schedule till it cannot handle no more. Do not fall into this trap when planning the hen party: it will only tire the girls and the bride out. Leave a couple of hours (or more even!) in between the events so that the girls can glam up once more again and catch their breaths. Go right here if you are planning to throw a party.