Picking Between Windows And Mac

Both Windows and Mac have been there for many years now. Each operating system has its own pros and cons. There are many factors to consider when picking between both. Most of the time, it comes down to personal preference.

Windows is an operating system created by Microsoft. The operating system was initially released in 1985 as Windows 1 and was the first mass produced software with a graphical user interface. This allowed people who didn’t know how to use command prompt to easily use the system. Windows currently owns 90% of the desktop market share surpassing Mac as well. Windows has seen many iterations and the most current iteration is Windows 10, which will be the final iteration and Windows will be updated regularly instead of releasing new versions.

Mac on the other hand is an operating system created especially for Apple devices. It was released in 1984 and used one of the first graphical user interface. Apple has high sales, but there was a period of decline and it grew again in 2001 with a more enhanced version of Mac which was different than the previous iterations. Despite the setback, Mac OS is popular as ever and unlike Windows, it is exclusive for Apple computers. Mac is popular for music and video editing such as background music for video and sound mixing. Here’s a list of things to consider when picking between Windows and Mac.


Both Windows and Mac perform well but since Mac is only available with Apple computers, hardware and software are integrated in a manner for optimal performance, therefore, Mac is the better performer in this case. It allows for faster and smoother performance on all Apple devices.


Windows has more software than Mac. This is because of the availability of Windows compared to Mac. As there are more devices running Windows, developers are encouraged to develop for Windows to maximise profit. For example, if you want a software to edit a perfect stock music, Windows will have a plethora of options over Mac.


Mac is a more secure OS than Windows. Due to this, it is much safer to use Macs and it has less viruses. This is because the number of Windows computers encourage hackers to create viruses and worms. If safety and security is priority, Mac has got you covered.


Windows is widely available as it a software than can be installed on any computers. Mac on the other hand cannot be bought like Windows and you have to purchase it with an Apple computer. Due to this, Windows is an operating system most people purchase when they already have the necessary hardware.