Some Unending Vices In The Society

It is the cry and wish of every Person to live in a nation free of inhuman vices especially in employment sectors and other various institutions. In many organisations and institutions these acts forms the order of the day albeit government assurances to end them.

Take a look at how corruption perpetrates in most institutions. When it comes to employment opportunities, top managers are other senior stakeholders allocate themselves employment vacancies and fill those positions with their own people-relatives or friends.

Even in terms of service delivery, institutions or individuals get services depending on the relationship between concerned parties. The unknown lot remains suffering and crying for fairness and equality which still seems far from reach.
People look forward to a day when recruitment and employment to various sectors of job opportunities will be distributed equally and people employed basing on competence and merit and not depending on relationship or favour.

Raising such issues publicly or calling for a solution to address such problems becomes another big struggle which nobody is ready to listen to. Such issues always fall on deaf ears as none is ready to sit down to hear complains of that nature raised by ordinary people. People sometimes go a step and demonstrate believing that someone might hear but all in vain. The concerned authorities treats such act with minimal attention terming the issues unimportant and disturbing as the victims treats the same as important as Melbourne buck’s day ideas are some unending vices in the society. 

Unfortunately the same authorities which finds it difficult to address issues concerning those whom they serve will be heard allocating themselves huge bonuses and hefty salaries to clearly confirm how selfish and greedy they are. Organising themselves various buck’s parties tops calendars of events in such institutions. Despite constant strikes and pleas for intervention, it seems everything has no solution since the concerned parties believe that power does everything. It has even reached a stage where people are not allowed to hold any demonstration or meeting that seeks to fight for one’s rights as authorities take it as a shooting range used to fight the authority. Therefore it looks like the governments protects such evil deeds of those in charge of organisations, companies and institutions since if they can’t fight them then it encourages the continuity of such vices.

One might be shocked to understand that such actions are conducted despite some well laid down human rights in every institution that seeks to cover both employees and customers from being exploited. The rights of employees and customers might be there but lack of enforcement or implementation makes it just but written characters. People will continue suffering in the hands of greedy and selfish leaders who beliefs serving own selfish interests will remain the ultimate goal.

The bigger task for every individual now remains to be how to get a lasting solution to those inhuman actions for the benefit of everyone to stop passing the same to the next generations ruining the success of the future life.