The Best Places To Get Free Music

One of the major problems when trying to incorporate melodies into your videos, is that you have to pay mind to all those copyrights, licensed costs and every other possible charges and legalities that you may come across while doing so. And so at the end of the day you may have to pay more than one dollar to simply get a melody that is only two to three seconds long. But did you know that there are places where you can get these songs for free? Probably not. Here are a few such sites that will help you get the exact kind of you want, for free!

Kevin Macleod and Incompetech

This is one of the most famous sites to visit is you want to skip out on paying all those dollars for royalty. This site has loads of tunes or compositions done by Kevin Macleod and have been grouped based on feeling and genre. And the only little thing that you have got to do is, give credit to Kevin for his amazing work on his compositions. And many of these compositions could also be used as music for ads depending on what you choose is best. Got a video to be posted on YouTube but have no melody for it? All you have got to do is head to this site to choose the best that suits!

Dan-O and Danosongs

He is also a music composer that offers his original compositions for free download without any sort of music licensing at all, whatsoever! He also expects nothing more than a credit given to his work or a follow up link to his site. And so depending on the kind of project you are working on, you can easily choose whatever is best.

Moby and Moby Gratis

If you are producing a video for non-commercial use or for something that is not-for-profit, then this is the perfect site to find tunes for. This has melodies by a famous artist named Moby, and could be used without paying for whatever licensed costs and such. It is free for download and use, and so what better source to use that this!

This has loads of tracks that could be used on YouTube videos, games, ads or whatever that requires music for commercial use, all free of charge. There are certain tracks though, that aren’t completely free, yet a majority of it could be used without paying a penny and could also be easily downloaded and used for whatever composition or track that is of need.